LTR Visa

What is Long-Term Resident Visa (LTR Visa)

Thailand has launched the “Long-Term Resident (LTR)” visa, a program designed to offer a mix of tax and additional advantages to qualified foreigners. This initiative aims to boost Thailand’s position as a preferred destination for foreigners to stay and conduct business operations.

By launching this visa, the Thai government anticipates drawing new foreign experts, technologies, and skilled professionals, all of which can contribute to increased local investment and spending, thus enhancing economic growth. The goal is to welcome one million affluent and skilled foreign individuals to Thailand in the next five years.

Types Of LTR Visas

Wealthy Global Citizen
Wealthy individuals with at least 1 M USD in assets, a personal income of not less than 80,000 USD per year for the past 2 years, at least 500,000 USD invested in Thai Property, plus evidence of health insurance covering at least 50,000 USD.

Wealthy Pensioner
Individuals aged 50 and above with an ongoing pension or stable source of income.

Work-from-Thailand Professional
Off-site employees serving well-known foreign companies outside Thailand.

Highly-Skilled Professional
Experts or professionals in designated fields associated with businesses, research institutions, specialized training centers, higher academic establishments, or government departments in Thailand.

Benefits of LTR Visa

Thailand offers LTR visa holders a range of benefits that make their long-term stay smoother. This visa program not only relaxes rules for foreign residents but also streamlines the hiring of foreign experts, boosting Thailand’s private business sector. Below are the benefits that await holders of the LTR Visa:

  • 10-Year visa.
  • Multiple re-entry permit.
  • Exclusion from the 4-to-1 Thai-to-foreigner employment ratio requirement.
  • Fast-track Service at Thailand’s International Airports.
  • Ability To Work in Thailand (Digital Work Permit).
  • Annual report to the Immigration Bureau.
  • Tax exemption on earnings from outside Thailand.
  • Personal income tax is set at 17% for highly skilled professionals.
  • Immigration and employment permit processing at the One Stop Visa and Work Permit Service Center.
  • Individuals with LTR visas can include their spouse and children up to 20 years old (maximum of 4 per LTR visa holder).

Explore the Long-Term Resident Visa in Thailand

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