Attain Financial Independence With These Four Jobs

Financial Independence

It should be everyone’s goal to attain financial independence. When you reach this much-coveted status, you’ll find that you’ll no longer have to think too much about your financials because you already got yourself covered.

Financial independence is also what every investor has in mind. There are actually a lot of ways through which you can attain this, and there are four jobs that you might want to give a try. These can be done at home too, which makes them not only attractive, but also lucrative options for everyone who wants to reach independence.

Financial Planner

 You’d like to think that financial planners need to work out of an office. True, that helps in cementing the professional image these experts should maintain. However, if you got a large enough house that has a part you can furnish into an office, then you could work at home as well as a financial planner!

As a financial planner, you’ll be in charge of assisting your clients in making their own investments. You earn either from commissions or the service charges you impose on every transaction you make on your behalf.

Take note, however, that you will also need to research about business zoning laws in your area. If zoning laws are strict about clients visiting residential areas and crowding the spaces, then working at home as a financial planner might not be an option.


 With Internet marketing starting to orient itself on content-driven advertising, there are plenty of opportunities for copywriters online.

To be a home-based copywriter, you will need to have a good command of several subject matters as different clients will require different topics to be written. You also need to have excellent research skills, as you will have to look up a lot of information on the Internet so you can sound authoritative and knowledgeable in your articles.

There’s not a lot of qualifying skills needed as well – you only need to be very good at presenting your topic, so it’s done in a manner that it sounds convincing and keeps the readers’ attention.

Day Trader

 If you’ve got the capital and the tolerance for risk-taking, then you could be in for the big buck by being a day trader.

The term “day trader” refers to the fact that the trader only holds positions in the market for a day. Before the day closes, the trader lets go of the position whether it’s a profit or a loss. While it sounds simple, being a day trader is actually very technical so you’ll have to undertake a lot of education and invest in good tools. You also have to be in control of your emotions as well.

Outsourced Financial Careers

 This will require you to have a special skill that’s related to the financial industry. The opportunities are numerous here as well – if you’re a CPA, you can work at home as an online bookkeeper or accountant. You can also become financial analysts, or tax researchers.

The best thing about today’s world is that, thanks to the Internet, telecommuting is possible so there are now a lot of opportunities for work-at-home jobs.


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