Let us assume for a moment that you have successfully registered a foreign-owned business in the Kingdom of Thailand, together with your partners. It is only natural that you would want to bring in your friends or professional contacts over from your home nation to Thailand, as you think they have the skills that they can contribute to the business.

That is entirely possible, and not totally difficult. However, you would want to invest time, money and effort to doing it the legal way. You don’t want your employee to get blacklisted by Thai immigration for illegally staying in the Kingdom.

The rules are already being enforced, and aliens who stay in Thailand without proper paperwork can find themselves deported and barred from entering the Kingdom for at least 5 years.

What you should do as an employer is assist your employee in getting a work visa.


Your employee will have to first apply for a non-immigrant visa before applying for a work permit. The visa is needed to enter Thailand, and specifies that you are there for a reason outside of tourism. Once a non-immigrant visa has been granted, your employee can then apply for a work permit with the immigration bureau in the Kingdom.

To apply, your employee needs to submit the following requirements:

• Valid passport issued by your home country

• A certificate signifying his or her good medical standing

• Proof of educational attainment, i.e proof of college degree

• Information pertaining to his or her residence in the Kingdom

As implied earlier, you, as the employer, have a responsibility to help your employee out. This means that you also have to submit some documents over to the immigration authorities in support of your worker’s application. These documents are:

• Proof of business withholding tax

• Company information, including financial records, shareholder roster, certificate of incorporation and corporate objectives

• The original passport of a foreign member of the board

• Map of company office address

• Information on employee work position and salary

• Agreement co-signed with the employee

Things to Take Note About the Work Permit

As long as the conditions are met, there is nothing for you or your employee to worry about with regards to the application for a work permit. Once your employee has been granted a work permit, he or she can then carry on with their employment with you in relative peace, knowing that they have the proper documentation to show immigration authorities when they come knocking.

There are, of course, some stuff that one should remember about the work permit. For instance, it has to be carried at all times by the foreign employee.

One should also take note that the work permit imposes some limits on the foreigner’s employment: they can only work on the job stated on the permit, and cannot work sideline for another company even on a part-time basis unless a new application is made to update the permit.

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