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We’ve spoken many times about the benefits of starting a business in the Kingdom of Thailand. To do that, of course, you will need not only capital, but also an idea. After all, business ideas are the root to all endeavors. It’s the spark that lights the fire, so to speak. 

When doing business, however, you will need to limit yourself to ideas that actually can earn you back your money. You can do feasibility studies, but, if you’re aiming to start small, why don’t you take a look at a few of these ideas and see which ones can work for you?

Digital Content Marketing Agency

The Internet itself presents the biggest opportunity for all. For instance, it gives businesses the space to compete effectively with one another regardless of size and tenure in the market. This means that there’s also an opportunity for marketers to capitalize on that demand for digital marketing help.

To start a digital marketing agency, you’d need talented content writers, link builders, sales specialists and customer service personnel. There are a lot of talents for those job posts that you can find in Thailand.


Thailand is one of those countries that sells a lot of garments at very cheap prices, when you compare them to rates in the rest of the world. This means that there’s a demand for textile suppliers.

If you know some textile producers, you could import some of their raw materials over to Thailand, and hook up with some local suppliers for distribution. Inversely, you could also link up with producers in Thailand and import their wares to distributors or creators in your home country.

Either way, you’re helping the local economy with your investment.


Thailand has a lot of agricultural areas that are just waiting to be developed. There’s always a demand for agricultural products anywhere in the world, after all.

You could start with a little farm in the suburbs of Thailand. You could plant some rice, which is a staple not only in Thailand, but also in the whole of Asia. With a lot of demand for meat, fish and poultry from restaurants, you could also breed livestock as well and sell them to slaughterhouses serving these establishments.

Aside from the demand, another advantage to starting an agriculture business is the budget. You can start small, or you could, if you’re able to, go large-scale on your agriculture endeavor.


Do you have some experience in the culinary arts, or a degree in that industry? Thailand’s tourist-friendly landscape is conducive to you earning some cash from that expertise. Tourists will always come over to have a bite, and they will want to sample the local fare.

You could start a small restaurant offering local Thai cuisine to tourists, or you could open one that specializes in cuisine from your home country to give tourists a sense of home. If you’re a chef or has experience in creating your own dishes from scratch, you could also add that as a special item on the menu.

There are many other ideas that you can explore, as well. However, these four ideas should get you to a good start.

Do you have a great business idea you wanted to start in Thailand? Send us a message so we can guide you.

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