Eligible Activities under Thailand BOI

Eligible Activities under Thailand BOI -- Phuket lawyer BOI
The Board of Investment deems it appropriate to adjust criteria for activities eligible for promotion in order to respond to the current economic and investment situation. By virtue of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, the Board of Investment hereby prescribes the:

List of Activities Eligible for Promotion (Information as of February 2011)

  • Agriculture and Agricultural Products
    • Plant propagation and development
    • Hydroponics cultivation
    • Forestry plantation
    • Manufacture of biological fertilizers, organic fertilizers or soil conditioner
    • Animal breeding or Animal husbandry : Livestock and Aquatic (except shrimp)
    • Manufacture of animal feed or mixes for animal feed
    • Crop drying and silo facilities
    • Deep sea fishery
    • Slaughtering, Tanneries, leather finishing, or fur dressing
    • Manufacture or preservation of food or food ingredients, using modern technology (except drinking water and ice cream)
    • Manufacture of oil or fat from plants or animals, flour or starch made from plants, dextrin or modified starch
    • Grading, packaging and storage of plants, vegetables, fruits or flowers, using modern technology
    • Manufacture of products from herbs (except soap, shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics), natural rubber products, products from agricultural by-products or waste, alcohol or fuel from agricultural products, including scrap, garbage and/or waste
    • Cold storage or cold storage and cold storage transportation
    • Trading centers for agricultural goods
    • Farm management
  • Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals
    • Mineral ore prospecting, ore dressing (except tin)
    • Marble or granite mining, smelting
    • Manufacture of ceramics, glass or glass products, fire-resistant materials or heat insulation (except lightweight brick, lightweight concrete block and aerated concrete block), gypsum board or gypsum products, pre-stressed concrete products for public utilities projects, metal powder and ferro-alloy, up-stream and intermediate steel, down-stream steel products, steel pipes or stainless steel pipes, iron or steel castings, forged steel parts
    • Rolling, drawing, casting or forging of non-ferrous metals
    • Coil center
    • Manufacture of nano materials or products from manufactured nano materials
  • Light Industry
    • Manufacture of textile products or parts, sanitary napkins and absorbing pads, shoes or parts, luggage or parts, sports equipment or parts, products from leather or artificial leather
    • Production related to the gem and jewelry industry
    • Manufacture of lenses or spectacles or parts (except optical lenses), medical equipment and scientific equipment
    • Manufacture of stationery or parts, toys, musical instrument, artificial goods and furniture or parts (except made from restricted trees), abrasive paper
  • Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment
    • Manufacture of hand tools and measuring tools, machinery, equipment and parts
    • Surface treatment or anodized surface treatment
    • Heat treatment
    • Building or repair of ships
    • Manufacture of electric-powered vehicles (only those that cannot register under Motor Vehicle Act of B.E. 2522)
    • Manufacture of trains or electric trains or equipment or parts (only with rail system)
    • Manufacture, repair or conversion of aircraft, including aircraft parts and equipment or onboard equipment
    • Manufacture of vehicle parts, motorcycles and large-sized motorcycles, automobile, passenger cars, new automobile models
    • Manufacture of multi-purpose engines and equipment, Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and machinery and equipment that use natural gas
    • Manufacture of fuel cells
    • Repair of vehicle parts, electrical or electronic equipment, industrial machinery or equipment
    • Manufacture, repair or maintenance of containers
    • Fabrication of metal structure products or platform repair
    • Manufacture of Completely Built Units(CBU) or Completely Knocked Down(CKD) of houses
  • Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances
    • Manufacture of electrical equipment for industrial use, electrical products, parts or equipment used for electrical products, electronic products, electronic parts and/or equipment or parts and/or equipment used for electronic apparatus, material for microelectronics
    • Electronic design
    • Software, E-commerce business
  • Chemicals, Paper and Plastics
    • Manufacture of chemicals, industrial chemicals, eco-friendly chemicals, eco-friendly products, Medicine and/or Active Ingredients in Medicine
    • Manufacture of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, colorants, body care products
    • Oil refineries
    • Manufacture of petrochemicals, plastic or plastic coated products, pulp, paper, fiber or paper articles
    • Production of printed matter
  • Services and Public Utilities
    • Public utilities and basic services
    • Natural Gas service stations
    • Tourism promotion services
    • Activities to support tourism
    • Medium or low income housing
    • Thai motion picture production, motion picture supporting services, or multimedia services
    • Hospitals
    • Real estate development for industrial use
    • Mass transit systems and transportation of bulk goods
    • Distribution centers (DC), International distribution centers (IDC)
    • International procurement offices (IPO)
    • Regional operating headquarters (ROH)
    • International trading companies
    • Trade and investment support offices
    • International business process outsourcing (IBPO)
    • Energy Service Companies (ESCO)
    • Human resource development
    • Biotechnology
    • Research and development
    • Scientific laboratories
    • Calibration services
    • Product design
    • Design centers
    • Products sterilization services
    • Waste water treatment, disposal services or transport of industrial waste or toxic chemicals
    • Recycling and reuse of unwanted materials
    • Coating or thickening of pipes for petroleum

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