Visa-Free Method of Entering the Kingdom of Thailand

Entering Thailand

If you want to visit Thailand, you might want to research first about the requirements for foreigners entering the Kingdom of Thailand. Fortunately, as it is a very tourist-friendly country, you can find it easier to visit Thailand as compared to visiting other countries in the Asia-Pacific. There is actually a way for you to enter Thailand while complying with a minimal number of requirements.


Visa Exemption


If you are from the UK, then you can simply enter Thailand without having to apply for a Visa. That is why many nationals of the UK choose Thailand for their holidays – the United Kingdom has an agreement with Thailand for a visa-free entry for tourists for a limited number of days. Specifically, UK nationals can stay at the Kingdom of Thailand for a period of 30 days without applying for a visa.


This means that people staying for a holiday can be certain that they will be able to able to do so without being rejected by the Thailand government. Rarely does a holiday go up to 30 days, and that’s already long enough to unwind and get your bearings back.


In the event that you decide to stay longer than 30 days, that is when you will have to apply for a visa from the Thai government.


Other Requirements


First, you will need to show documents that you will be exiting the country within 30 days. The Kingdom wants proof that you will not overstay past the 30-day limit in order to approve your entry. This means that you will have to present airline or train tickets that provide evidence that you will be exiting Thailand after 30 days. That should be easy to procure – you can book yourself ahead of time, and just re-book should you change your mind and extend your stay.


You should also provide financial statements that prove your financial capability to fend for yourself during your stay in the country. Each person is required to show financial statements of THB10,000 for each person. For families, there should be an accumulative capability of THB20,000.


Last but not the least, you should have a passport that is valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Thailand. British subjects, however, can enter using their 12-month extended passports as reflected by new measures introduced within this year.


No Working Visa


While it is a common practice to enter a country on a tourist visa and secure work during that time period, such a practice is illegal in Thailand and illegal workers are actively prosecuted. You will need to apply a separate visa if you are going to Thailand for employment. You need assistance from your employer in order to enter Thailand as an employee, and you will have to renew the visa after one year.


If you are interested in having a holiday in Thailand, you will certainly be relieved to know about the 30-day Visa Free entry into the country. This arrangement relieves you of much of the hassle of paperwork just to have a week-long holiday in Thailand.


Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff


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