Examples of International Companies in Thailand

International Companies in Thailand

Thailand is an investor-friendly country. The passing of the Foreign Business Act now makes it possible for international companies to set up their operations in Thai jurisdiction, and even receives incentives for investing into the local economy.

The Act does have restrictions, i.e. what sectors a foreign-owned company can compete with local companies and the rules on foreign ownership, especially against the practice of using nominee shareholders in order to establish a foreign-owned business in Thailand.

That is beside the point of this article, however. Here, we will take a look at a number of companies in Thailand that have foreign ownership, and their profiles.

G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Ltd. is the Thai subsidiary of the international company General Electric Company, which is considered as one of the biggest foreign investors in the country. Based in the Capital Tower in Bangkok, the company engages in the development of proprietary software for use in medical instruments.

Aetna International Inc.

Aetna specializes in providing health benefits for aliens who expatriate to Thailand for marriage or retirement purposes. The company has been steadily expanding its international presence over the past fifteen years, and boasts of benefiting more than 600,000 members around the world. Aetna members who decide to move to Thailand can expect full healthcare and government support.

Amway (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Amway (Thailand) is the Thai arm of the popular direct selling company Amway. As such, the company provides opportunities for local Thais to earn money through commissions from selling the firm’s diverse range of products. These products include protein and food supplements, cosmetics, personal care products, and water treatment systems, among others.

ASSA Abloy (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

A wholly owned subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY AB, Assa Abloy (Thailand) is a provider of resilient security products including padlocks, door hardware as well as services for the installation of an in-house system for lock-based security. Like most of its global siblings, Assa Abloy (Thailand) is committed to providing for the needs of customers for security, safety and convenience in their households.

Air New Zealand Co. Ltd.

A global airline, Thailand is but one of the hubs that Air New Zealand Co. Ltd. serves with its aircraft. Serving its customers faithfully since a year before the outbreak of World War 2, the airline survived the conflict and went on to expand to Asia more than 20 years after its founding. Now, the airline has established a presence in more than 15 countries in the region. Its Bangkok office is located in Tower 3 of the Sindhorn Building in Wireless Road.

Indeed, Thailand is one of the best countries in Asia for investors to put their money in to. There is an investor-friendly environment in the Kingdom, as evidenced by the huge presence of foreign-owned and international businesses. In addition, the Thai locals are also very industrious, very friendly to foreigners and can be depended upon in terms of employment.

The country is also undergoing major developments in infrastructure, making these days an exciting time and an excellent opportunity for investors.

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