Health and Well-Being Are Ensured In Phuket

Health and Well-Being

There’s no doubt that Phuket is definitely the “to go” tourist attraction in Thailand, if you’re looking for a couple of weeks of fun and frolic. The beaches in Thailand’s largest island are the talk of the world, for their pristine waters and pearly white shores. To top it all they’re well equipped to treat emergency medical situations to ensure your health and well-being.

So, if you’re entertaining thoughts in your mind about booking a few days or a couple of weeks of holiday to Phuket, you should definitely listen to what your inner voice is telling you because the beaches here are beautiful, and the party scene so vibrant that you’ll lose all that stress in the fancy clubs and restaurants.

It’s Easy to Forget About One’s Health

The mindset when going on vacation or a holiday is to lose oneself in the moment. That makes sense. The most common reason as to why people go on holiday is to get away from the troubles of their normal lives, and one will want to immerse himself or herself fully in the offerings of the getaway.

Unfortunately, some people also might forget to take care of their health, and end up with problems like unwanted sickness during the holiday. In other cases, people get sick due to circumstances that are beyond their control.

Setting aside the circumstances through which a holidaymaker might get sick while on holiday, the main concern here is making sure that there is access to healthcare services in case of an unforeseen and unwanted emergency.

In Phuket, you don’t have to worry about that, because there is more than just one hospital that’s ready to serve you in Thailand’s premier island paradise. In fact, you got seven hospitals waiting to give you the care that you need in order to recover from an unwanted ailment while on holiday.

Medical Facilities in Phuket

All of these hospitals — four government or public hospitals, and three privately operated institutions — combined can offer a wide range of healthcare services. These include:

  • Decompression sickness treatment
    Phuket is, after all, a diver’s sanctuary, as it is dotted with a wealth of diving spots that would make even the dive junkie weary. As divers are prone to decompression sickness, the island’s hospitals are specifically suited to treat them with hyperbaric chambers.
  • Accident treatment
    Accidents are avoidable, but there could be circumstances in which you could get injured despite your best efforts. Don’t worry; Phuket’s emergency trauma units are without doubt the best in the country.
  • Medical tourism
    In addition to medical care, Phuket’s hospitals are also staffed by medical tourism clinics. The most common procedure offered is plastic surgery, but there are also specialists in optical surgery as well as dental services in each of the seven hospitals in Phuket.

Remember, you’re on holiday and the most sensible thing for you to do is to enjoy your getaway. You can do that assured that there are top notch medical facilities staffed by English-speaking medical care professionals waiting to treat you if you need their help.

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