Major Lifestyle Changes That Could Ruin Your Retirement

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Retirees are human beings. As human beings, we could find ourselves suddenly feeling free and independent when day one of our retirement sets in. That’s natural. After years of tenured employment and having your time owned by someone else, it feels like a whole new world when you wake up day and realize, you’re retired!

We’ve discussed again and again the many different ways of preparing yourself for being your own boss in retirement. Those tips, however, focused more on the financial aspect. Truth be told, a lot of retirees have become good at managing their finances while they were still employees, but still experienced financial problems once retirement age set in.

The reason – lifestyle changes! Like mentioned earlier, retirement is a major change that somewhat shocks a few retirees. If you’re still working but are already approaching retirement, you should try and see what you can do about these possible lifestyle changes that could occur when you’ve stepped off the corporate world.


After several years working wherein your waking hours are spent in the office, you’re suddenly faced with lots of free time at home. It’s only natural that you will want to give your entire house a makeover to make it more updated or comfortable. So, this means going out and shopping for new drapes, curtains, carpets or even furniture!

Or, after several decades focusing your energies on your employer’s endeavors, you suddenly feel the urge to pursue a hobby that you weren’t able to pay attention to before because you were too busy at work. So, you decide to go over to the store to purchase all the tools that you need, be it a musical instrument and all its accessories, or a set of handyman tools for stuff you want to work on around the house.

There’s nothing wrong about pursuing a new hobby. Studies have shown that pursuing hobbies, even at an advanced age, helps to prevent the onset of degenerative brain diseases. It keeps your mind sharp, but you should be mindful of what comes out of your pockets. If you can help it, focus on one hobby only at a time.


You’ve got lots of free time and some spare cash to boot. What do you do? Travel is what most retirees do when the reality of their new-found freedom sets in. Traveling is a good idea, because it lets you see new things and learn new stuff. The downside is that traveling can be quite expensive and can put a dent on your finances if you’re not careful.

If ever you feel the urge to travel around, look for good deals. It helps save money on accommodation and airfare, and gives you more bucks to use for what really matters – the activities.

Now that you’re aware about these two major lifestyle changes that could come to you when you retire, you might want to find out what steps you can take to adequately prepare, in a financial context.

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