Online vs. Offline Surveying of Property in Thailand

One can find plenty of properties for sale in Thailand through the Internet. Question is – should this be the proper way for you to scout out a property for sale in Thailand, or should you better fly down there and check the place out for yourself?

Risks Associated With Online Purchasing of Property

The Internet has made it possible for people, even local Thais, to check out properties in the locality without having to visit the place. However, there are risks that come with that kind of “shopping,” and you should never put your real estate investment up to chance.

These are the risks that you are exposed to when you survey for prospective real estate investments online:

Some advertisements may be scams

Properties for sale are usually advertised using a website. Try as they might, a website is not always able to verify the authenticity of the sale. We know how easy it is to just put up a bunch of pictures in a website and start advertising it. While there are, of course, legit advertisements out there, there are, unfortunately, some scammers lurking in there with unscrupulous intentions.

Some images could be deceptive

Some legit advertisements may end up being deceptive, especially with the pictures of the property. Any place can look real good when subjected to professional quality photography. The actual look of the place may be totally different from what it is being marketed as. The owner may have good intentions but, in the end, it is still about successful marketing.

Property may be over-valued

It is not a regular occurrence, but some people would want to overvalue their property in order to earn a bit more. Again, it is easy to create an advertisement. The websites simply don’t have the resources or the prerogative to check out the actual value of the property – it is your job as the prospective buyer to check those out and make sure that you’re not buying an over-valued property.

How to Mitigate These Risks

It is not actually bad to check out properties for sale online, but there are things that you would have to do in order to reduce the risks that searching online has exposed you to. The very first thing you would have to do is find a reliable real estate agency in Thailand. There are plenty of those online, and you can always research their background to ascertain their reliability. Once you have retained a real estate agent, you can then use the Internet to identify the properties that you want to look at.

The logical second step would be to fly over to Thailand and schedule a day or two for touring with the agent. This agent should’ve researched properties that match your criteria, including your budget, so the entire process should be smooth and easy for you and your agent. With a registered real estate agent at your side, you can be totally sure that you’re in good hands when looking for properties to invest in Thailand.

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