A Passenger’ Right against a Thai Airline Carrier

As in other country’s airline carriers, passengers have certain and specific rights against the airline in the event of flight delays, cancelled flights, or other similar cases, not caused by the passenger.

In Thailand, there are common areas of concern where passenger’s rights ought to be honored by the Thai Airline Carrier.

  • Known Delays, Cancellations and Diversions. Due to unforeseen reasons, flight delays become inevitable. In such an event, Thai Airline Carrier commits to notify customers promptly within 30 minutes for any delay of more than 30 minutes. Announcements and notices shall be made in the boarding gate area, by telephone, on Thai Airline Carrier’s website and on flight status displays at the airport and other flight notification methods.
  • Mishandled Baggage. Thai Airline Carrier commits to make every reasonable effort for the timely return of any mishandled baggage within 24 hours. A report must be filed by the customer upon arrival, of any missing baggage, and in writing in order to facilitate Thai Airline Carrier’s to initiate baggage tracking. The airline carrier will reimburse the passenger’s expenses due to baggage delay and is eligible for compensation of reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Holding Reservations. Flight reservations made one week before the departure will be held by Thai Airline Carrier at the quoted price without payment or cancelled without penalty for at least 24 hours after reservation date. Variation in quoted fare caused by currency fluctuation is the only allowed fare variation.
  • Refunds for Tickets. If eligible to receive a refund, the passenger may request the Thai Airline Carrier for valid refund by sending a written notice to the airline carrier. The Thai Airline Carrier will issue refund within 20 days, for purchases made by cash or checks. For purchases using credit card, the eligible refund will be made to the credit card issuer within 7 days of receipt of completed request for refund.
  • Tarmac Delay. The Thai Airline carrier can only allow such delay to exceed 4 hours without permitting passengers to deplane for safety reasons or security-related reasons as decide by the airline captain or pilot in command. Passengers will be provided the following services in the event of tarmac delay.
    • Notification of delay every 30 minutes
    • Lavatory facilities to be operable and available to passengers
    • Water and food or snacks will be provided within 2 hours of any delay made on the tarmac
    • The Thai Airline Carrier will make every reasonable effort to ensure the passenger’s comfort and care during this situation.

Every airline carrier in Thailand and in other countries should make information on passenger’s rights available and accessible to customers in order to avoid unnecessary and uncalled for chaos at the airport or at the tarmac.

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