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Going on a holiday means that you have to think about your transportation in and around the cities of the Kingdom. If you’re there for business purposes, you’d have to think about procuring your own transportation or a chauffeur service because public transport can take up too much your time.

Now, you have two choices – rent a car and drive yourself, or enlist the services of a professional driver in a chauffeur service.

This article will show you the benefits of the second option and why it is certainly worth your investment.


One can argue that renting a car and doing your own driving is more convenient than getting someone else to drive you around.

However, if you think about what comes along with having your own car, you’d see that a chauffeur is definitely more convenient. Renting a car means you have to find a place to park the vehicle overnight, and its safety becomes your prime concern.

With a chauffeur, however, you don’t have to think about those. The driver simply drops you off at your hotel at the end of your business day. He will then take back the vehicle to the company garage and leave it there.

Chauffeurs are trained to be always on time, so it’s a breeze getting out of your hotel, getting into the car and heading off to your destination.

Knowledge of the Terrain

You’re a businessman on a foreign land. Even if you already have a basic knowledge of the city’s roads, local drivers know more than what you could hope to be familiar with.

With a chauffeur, you need not be concerned about avoiding traffic to and from your destinations. Your official driver will think about that for you. After all, if you’re on the way to a business presentation, your mind should only be in the presentation and not somewhere else.

In other words, having a chauffeur service allows you to delegate that part of the thinking and frees your mind for the tasks ahead.


Man is a social animal. Driving on your own can be lonely, if you don’t have anybody with you in the car. If you’re traveling with a staff, then that’s good. However, if you’re on a business trip on your own, driving yourself can become tedious quickly.

Being in the hospitality industry, a chauffeur is more than just a driver. He or she can be your talking buddy. You can learn a lot from your chauffeur about many things like the history of the city you’re touring, what’s going on locally and perhaps some folk stories.

In a way, you can learn about the city’s culture from your driver.

Businessmen like you can benefit a lot from hiring a chauffeur to do your driving for you. You can avoid the stresses of daily commute, and you got somebody you can rely on for your transportation while you’re in Thailand.

Do you want to do a business in thailand and experience the services of a professional driver in a chauffeur service? Send us a message to help you.

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