Thailand Elite

Thailand is a premier tourist destination. The best way for a tourist to go into the country and enjoy the finest experiences that the country has to offer is to enroll in the Thailand Elite program.

What is Thailand Elite?

The program is designed for foreigners to be able to experience Thailand and the best that it can offer. By being a member of the Thailand Elite program, tourists and expatriates will be able to enjoy what the country has in store for its visitors in a manner that is reserved exclusively for them. The moment you set foot into the country, you will experience what it is to be a member of the Elite, and someone that Thailand considers its bosom friend.

The Advantages of the Program

By enrolling into the program, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Multiple Entry visa

For a membership fee of 500,000 baht to 2 million baht, the members will be a holder of a multiple entry visa for 5 to 20 years, respectively.

  • Personal Assistant services

Members like you are assigned Elite Personal Assistants who will take care of all your needs from your arrival and up until your departure from the country. They will pick you up and transport you to your accommodation from the airport. Elite Personal Assistant services will also walk you through the expedited immigration processes, and check-ins for your departures. You can be sure that you are well taken care of during your stay at the country, as your Elite Personal Assistants will always be there if you require anything.

  • Luxury Chauffeur services

Members of the Thailand Elite program enjoy exclusive access to luxury chauffeur services. You get to ride limousines from your hotel to the destinations in your itinerary for your stay in Thailand. You never have to bother with the difficulties of getting a cab to ride to your destination, nor will you have to worry about your safety because the security arrangements you enjoy from the program ensure that you are in good hands during your stay in Thailand.

  • Complimentary services and privileges at elite establishments

The Thailand Elite program grants privileges in a wide range of partner establishments throughout Thailand. Members can enjoy complimentary green fees at golf courses throughout the country, as well as complimentary services at a spa of your choice. Thailand, after all, is also known for the wonderful benefits of its traditional massage.

  • Access to excellent healthcare

Thailand is home to a number of excellent healthcare establishments. As a member of the Thailand Elite program, you get access to annual medical checkups free of charge. This is because the program has partnered with Thailand’s best hospitals to provide quality healthcare services for its members.

  • Exclusive discounts

Finally, as a Thailand Elite member, you get exclusive discounts from the finest stores, restaurants and venues in the country. These discount rates are better than the discounts normal people enjoy in the country, guaranteeing you great prices throughout your stay in the country.


If you are thinking of enrolling in the Thailand Elite program, contact Hawryluk Legal Advisors. We will walk you through all the information you need to know to understand more about your investment in this exclusive members-only program.

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