Three Places Ideal for Buying Thai Real Estate

Bangkok Thailand

The real estate agent’s mantra has always been “Location, location.” Thus, it is important that before you decide to fly over to Thailand and see what properties you can invest your retirement money into, check out which are the best places for expatriates to live in the country of Thailand.

For this article, we are presenting three ideal locales in the country that you can think about moving to as well as the advantages that each area has for you as a resident and investor.


Bangkok is the country’s capital and, here, you can find many other expats just like you who are living in the country for retirement or for business. Bangkok is a rapidly developing capital, and has several prime real estate properties up for rent or for sale. You can also find plenty of condominiums here. Condominiums are the type of real estate which you, a foreigner, can easily purchase due to the Thailand Condominium Act of 1979.  Bangkok is more ideal for businessmen than for retirees. One drawback, however, is that real estate in Bangkok is more expensive than in other locales in Thailand.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the rural areas in Thailand that has become popular with expats. One of its main benefits is its cooler temperature as compared to the rest of the country. It also has a very low cost of living, including health care, while still having available the amenities that cater to every expat’s basic needs. The locale also has a very low crime rate, and a very slow  and relaxed pace of life that retirees will definitely find attractive. Most of the expats that are currently living in Chiang Mai use their properties as a temporary residence for vacation purposes. Finally, Chiang Mai has one of the best Songkran festivals across the country.


If you are somebody who aspires to a life where the beach is always accessible during your retirement, then Phuket would certainly be to your liking. The area is popular amongst beach going tourists for its climate and its crystal clear waters. Phuket also has plenty of choices for the expat – as they say, whatever your budget is, you can find something to your liking in Phuket. There are plenty of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines in the area, and plenty of bars as well to satisfy even the occasional party animal.

Despite being one of the prime locations for retirement in Thailand, Phuket island prices are actually very reasonable and friendly to everyone’s budget. In addition, Phuket houses Thailand’s second busiest airport.

Of course, these are just three of the locales where buying Thai real estate would be a good idea. There are many other places in Thailand that you can also explore and research about, as each locale has different flavors and attractions for the foreigner. We all know that each foreigner that comes to Thailand has different tastes and preferences as well.

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