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Food is but one of the most important needs that man has to fulfill or satisfy in each and every day. That’s why culinary tourism is but one of the more popular types of tourism in the world. Of course, Thai restaurants will not be left behind in the competition in this arena.

In fact, Thai cuisine is unique all on its own, and it is a must that you sample the local delicacies and dishes as often as you can while you’re on holiday in the Kingdom!

To ensure that you have the best gastronomic experience during your stay in the country, we’ll show you three of the best restaurants specializing in the local cuisine in the Kingdom’s capital, Bangkok.

Krua Apsorn

Do you love seafood? Would you like to taste iconic Thai dishes that delve in the best and freshest meat from the depths of the waters in the Kingdom?

If your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, then you should go ahead and book a reservation with the Krua Apsorn restaurant. The resto boasts of the crab omelet, a dish so delicious and well-loved by people that it is giving the restaurant nearly legendary status.

Aside from the crab meat omelet, which is called “Kai Food Boo” locally, you can sample a lot of local culinary treats. Even if you don’t speak Thai, you can easily choose the food you want to taste because its menu is filled with descriptive pictures that you can simply point out to at the waiter or waitress.

Another thing that makes this restaurant a must-try? The owner is a former chef for none other than the Kingdom’s Royal Family.

Thip Samai

In reality, if you want to go and taste each and every piece of Thai food, you can go to any restaurant that gets into your line of sight!

Pad Thai is another local dish involving seafood that is capturing the fancy of many foodies around the world. It is basically a shrimp-based dish, and can be found anywhere in the city of Bangkok. What makes this restaurant, Thip Samai, different?

Well, it simply has the BEST Thip Samai in town. Imagine deliciously glistening shrimp oil dripping down from tasty local noodles, topped by freshly peeled deep sea prawn meat, minced squid and crab meat, and delicately sliced mango.

Thip Samai brings a wonderful twist to a delicacy you can find anywhere else in the city, or the country in general, which makes it a must try.

Raan Jay Fai

Finally, look beyond the fancy restaurants and into the street. The street is perhaps the best place to experience Thai cuisine as it should be experienced, and Raan Jay Fai comes well recommended.

Managed by Jay Fai herself, the restaurant bears the singular distinction of a Michelin Star. The Michelin Star is a globally recognized accolade that signifies the restaurant as a top notch culinary establishment, and Jay Fai’s establishment is the sole Thai resto to bag that award!

Of course ,these are but three of the places that you can visit for an unforgettable food trip in Thailand. There’s a figurative phalanx of restaurants and food stalls you can give a try in Bangkok.

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