Avoid being blacklisted in Thailand

Being blacklisted is something that one should be keen about avoiding, especially when you’re a foreigner. When you’re blacklisted, you’re effectively barred from entering the country whose immigration authorities have marked you.

This means that, when you’re blacklisted in Thailand, you cannot visit that country anymore as long as the blacklist is still in place. It could be lifted in a few years or so, but you would’ve lost the opportunity to visit the Kingdom during the blacklist period.

There are various reasons why a foreigner may be barred from visiting Thailand. However, what’s important is that you learn what you should to keep that from happening from you. Fortunately, the steps you should take are very easy and are actually based on common sense.

Know the Law

Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to legal matters. In this case, you should be aware of the immigration laws of the Kingdom. You need to do research on what acts constitute violations of said laws. This way, you can avoid committing acts that can actually derail your plans for immigrating to Thailand, if that’s what you are planning.

It’s important to tap the services of a legal advisor who’s well versed in Thai law and the Thai language. You could spend years learning about the vagaries of Thai immigration policies, but partnering with a legal advisor will lessen that time by giving you access to guaranteed expertise and knowledge.

Apply for the Appropriate Visa

In the past, it was very possible for foreigners to enter Thailand without a visa. This is possible because tourists can stay in the country for 30 days without having to apply for a visa. Thailand is very tourist-friendly, and these rules were meant to encourage foreigners to come and enjoy the pleasantries offered by the country.

However, there have been unfortunate incidences where foreign expats have used this to overstay in the country without the necessary paperwork. This led to the crackdown that began last year, and the enacting of stricter rules and penalties to discourage such behavior.

If you don’t want to end up being blacklisted, it is mandatory that you apply for the appropriate visa that reflects your intentions for visiting the Kingdom. If you want to study, you can apply for a Student Non-Immigrant visa. If you’re planning to retire in Thailand, you can either apply for a multiple-entry immigrant visa or, better yet, apply for permanent residency.

Educate yourself about each of these individual visas for foreign expats to Thailand. Again, the expertise of a legal advisor will make this part of the process a breeze for you. A legal advisor will know exactly what are the actions you can take to make your stay in Thailand legal, and in accordance to your intentions.

You see, it’s very easy to avoid being black-listed and barred from entering the Kingdom of Thailand as a foreign expat. While the process of applying for the correct visa may have its roadblocks and difficulties, in the long run, doing so actually makes the process of moving over to or staying for a bit in Thailand a lot easier.

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