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It take a lot of processes to get to Thailand as a foreign expatriate. Trust me, it’s worth it when you’re finally living in Thailand legally. Whatever your purpose is, you’ll surely have fun and learn something new when you’re in Thailand.

Of course, there are some things that you should bear in mind as a foreign expatriate living in the Kingdom. The Kingdom is happy to grant you permission to live amongst its people, but it also expects something from you in return. Without further adieu, let us see what the Kingdom expects from us as foreigners living in its shores.

Abide By the Laws

Of course, it goes without saying that you have to follow the legal restrictions that locals have to conform to. You are not exempt from following the law. Although the Kingdom has some provisions that are meant to benefit foreigners, there are still laws that you are not subject to. Thus, you have to abide by those or else you might yourself deported from the Kingdom.

Worse, you won’t be able to return to Thailand for a number of years! Whether you’re a tourist, a student or a businessman, being barred from entering Thailand can have consequences.

Make sure that you’re well-versed with the law of the land. If you can get yourself help from a lawyer, that’s good, because these professionals understand the law of the Kingdom and its language as well. Thus, you can make sure that you don’t misunderstand Thai law, and you can avoid breaking it inadvertently.

Keep Your Documentation With You

As a foreigner, you must bring with your documentation at all times. You really don’t know when the immigration authorities will perform a routine inspection of all expats’ papers. This is their way of making sure that foreigners who are illegally staying in the Kingdom will be served their due, and to impress on everyone the rule of law.

Thus, you have to keep your passport as a form of identification, as well as your visa, together with you at all times. Thus, when authorities ask for those, you can calmly hand over your papers and show that you have the permission of the immigration bureau to stay in Thailand for your own personal purposes.

Inform the Immigration Authorities If There Are Changes

If you’re holding a student visa, for example, and you want to do some part-time work, it’s best to apply for the necessary permits from the Immigration Bureau as well. Remember, your visa only lets you stay in Thailand for the purposes that you’ve outlined in those documents.

If you’re found out doing something that’s not described in your visa, you could be in for trouble.

Likewise, if you’re changing addresses, you should also inform the authorities as well as update the information on your documentation.

You see, life as a foreign expat in Thailand can be very rewarding. Just make sure you do what’s expected of you and you can expect no trouble from the government.

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