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Legally Marry in Thailand
There’s no stopping love as they say, once Cupid’s arrow has pierced a person’s heart. Love transcends all – language, distance, even age.
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Why a Prenuptial Agreement Makes Sense When Marrying in Thailand
Love knows no bounds, they say. Thanks to the ease of traveling around the world, there have been plenty of heartwarming stories of love between a local Thai and a foreign expatriate, or even a tourist.
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working in Thailand
With the new rules nearly in place and ready to be enforced, it really pays to know how stuff are done legally in the Kingdom for foreigners. One of the reasons that people travel to Thailand is to find work, or go to work as a company has hired them for a job and wants...
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The issue of overstaying has become popular lately because of the new rules that have been recently passed by Thai authorities on the offense. Under the new rules, one can find himself or herself banned from the Kingdom for overstaying. The longer you overstay in the country, the longer the ban on you from entering...
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In early November last year, the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC), tasked with the drafting of a new constitution for Thailand held its first meeting right after the Chairman of the National Reform Council (NRC) signed the appointment letters of all the 36 chosen CDC members.
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