Work Permit
Foreign Workers in Thailand
Promotion is inevitable. If you’re a hard worker, and you got a boss who’s got a keen eye for performance, then you’ll definitely get promoted in the long run.
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Thai Work Permits for Foreigners
With the new rules and its relevant penalties already enforced by immigration officials in Thailand, it’s always in your interest, especially as a businessman operating an enterprise in the country, to abide by these regulations.
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One of the reasons that Thailand’s government is currently cracking down on overstaying aliens and is being strict about returning foreigners (called falang in the local language) is the so-called “visa run.”
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Four important documents
Chances are, the New Year presents new and exciting opportunities to many individuals. For those who felt they missed out on their career in the year that passed, they look forward to the beginning of the year to bring some significant and positive changes in their professional lives.
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