Getting Married in Thailand – Surviving a Divorce

marriage in Thailand

It’s not a surprise if you found love in Thailand. This country is so beautiful, and full of equally beautiful people as well, inside and out.

However, it’s not also far-fetched that the marriage might not work out as well as you expected when the two of you first fell in love. As they say, if the relationship is hurting you, it’s time to leave. Perhaps, that’s why some couples suddenly choose to divorce despite the good start.

You know how difficult that is. You’ve already built a life together with your partner, only to see it crumble down and fall apart. Now, each of you will have to go your separate ways and start a new life apart from one another.

This comes, of course, with some legal repercussions. When you marry, anything that you acquire afterwards is considered conjugal property. Now, when the divorce is granted, you’re suddenly left with a lot of stuff whose ownership are suddenly put into question!

What can you and your spouse do? Here are some tips to surviving a divorce in Thailand.

Decide on Whether You Want a Contested or Uncontested Divorce

As mentioned in this article, there are two types of divorce in Thailand. These are, namely, the uncontested and contested divorce.

You pick this one according to how you and your spouse are amicable with some of the concerns in dealing with a divorce. If the two of you have agreed on something already, you could go the uncontested route. In an uncontested divorce, all you need to agree on is that you want a divorce and it is then granted to the two of you.

If there are concerns that the two of you cannot agree upon amicably, then you and your spouse will have no choice but to go through a contested divorce proceeding. In here, you’ll have to establish through a judicial process that a divorce is warranted.

This means that you and your lawyer will have to demonstrate that there is cause for divorce, by proving that one of the parties, or even both, has committed an offense that falls under the grounds for such a legal action.

Bear in mind, however, that contested divorce is lengthy, costly, and somewhat embarrassing for yourself and your spouse. If you can work stuff out by yourselves, then do so. It will save you time and money.

Take Your Prenuptial Agreement Out

Provided that the two of you have already settled on a prenuptial agreement, the process will become even faster. That’s because the prenuptial agreement will lay down the terms through which the delineation of ownership of both conjugal and non-conjugal properties in the case of a divorce will proceed.

Divorce is indeed a very difficult situation to get yourself into. Nobody plans for a divorce, but it doesn’t really hurt to be ready. In this case, being ready means having the information that you need in order to deal effectively with the situation.

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