Marriage to a Local
There are times when, no matter how it started, a foreign expat’s marriage to a local falls apart. There are a variety of reasons for this happening, but we won’t dive into that.
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marriage in Thailand
It’s not a surprise if you found love in Thailand. This country is so beautiful, and full of equally beautiful people as well, inside and out. However, it’s not also far-fetched that the marriage might not work out as well as you expected when the two of you first fell in love. As they say,...
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Thai dowry
As a foreigner, finding love in Thailand and deciding to tie the knot is a beautiful thing. However, you’d also need to look beyond the emotions and see what legal stuff as well as some traditional customers you need to know about before you get married.
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Divorce in Thailand
Getting married in Thailand also comes with exposure and protection under specific laws endemic to the country.
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Legally Marry in Thailand
There’s no stopping love as they say, once Cupid’s arrow has pierced a person’s heart. Love transcends all – language, distance, even age.
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Why a Prenuptial Agreement Makes Sense When Marrying in Thailand
Love knows no bounds, they say. Thanks to the ease of traveling around the world, there have been plenty of heartwarming stories of love between a local Thai and a foreign expatriate, or even a tourist.
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Thai Parentage Law
Different countries have different laws on parentage. In many countries, the issue is always on paternity. The birth mother is almost always automatically registered as the legitimate parent of the child regardless of her civil status while there are specific circumstances required in some countries when it comes to paternity. Provisions of the Thai Parentage...
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Prenuptial Agreements
Marriage is one of the biggest decisions any individual can make. Marriage will change nearly everything – from management of personal assets to the mindsets needed to make a decision not only for oneself, but for the entire family. Speaking of assets, it makes good sense to have a pre-nuptial agreement.
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