Economic Role
Facts About Thailand’s Economy
Thailand is, without doubt, one of the best success stories when it comes to Asian economies. The Kingdom continues to be a major member of the ASEAN, and is currently ramping up its involvement in promoting free trade agreements.
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If you’re following news and updates regarding opportunities for business abroad, then you’ve certainly come across terms like FTAs.
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At the recent ASEAN meet, the leaders of the member states of Southeast Asia as well their partner countries, including China, have signed into existence the ASEAN Economic Community. From here on, it’s an exciting time for Southeast Asia, including its most prominent contributor and member-state, Thailand. What does the new Community mean for Thailand?
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Rising Economies of Asia
The Asia-Pacific region is becoming a pivotal area in world affairs, particularly in economics. In previous decades, European nations and the United States dominated the world stage when it came to economic growth immediately after the conclusion of the Second World War. Now, 70 years later, it’s Asia’s turn to shine. In Bloomberg’s recently published...
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Thailand Economic Role
Thailand is one of the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia. It is preferred by businessman and retirees from Europe, particularly the UK, as an investment hub. Despite drastic changes in political leadership in the past decade, Thailand’s economy remains stable and is, in fact, still growing.
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